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Binary International Scam? A REAL Trader’s SHOCKING Review! (UPDATED) STAY AWAY!

After many months of Us trying to reach Binary International, we now have to say that you should stay away from them. We have had many clients who have been coming to us and complaining about them lately. We suggest that you stick to trading FOREX as Binary Options have become a real issue in […]

After many months of Us trying to reach Binary International, we now have to say that you should stay away from them. We have had many clients who have been coming to us and complaining about them lately.

We suggest that you stick to trading FOREX as Binary Options have become a real issue in the community of traders. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BINARY INTERNATIONAL SAY AWAY!!!

Binary International Scam? A REAL, Independent Trader’s SHOCKING Review!


Binary International (Binary International scam keywords in an SEO “keyword war”. It is probably the only new binary options platform on the face of the earth, with as many fans and active traders as the well-known ones, like <you know who they are>, etc.

How exactly does a newcomer like Binary International suddenly explode on to the scene, leaving the bigger more established binary brokers scratching their heads?


Why is Binary International suddenly the target of major online warfare with competitor brokers targeting “binary international scam” keywords to steal and manipulate its visitor traffic?

Simple – Binary International came along when every new binary options trader was too busy losing money hand over fist at other brokers, desperately in need of a level playing field.

While 9/10 binary options brokers were riding the gravy train of a newly formed binary options industry, celebrating as every deposit from clueless traders came in for immediate banking, Binary International’s trading platform delivered on its promise of super fast execution with zero spreads, and they actually paid each and every trader’s winnings out in exactly the 3 working days they said they would take to process withdrawals.

In short – Binary International delivered on exactly those two things that were the bane of every binary options trader’s existence, a fair trading platform and timely, zero nonsense withdrawals.


It should be no surprise therefore, that over 50,000 traders opted to choose Binary International as their trading platform in its first 12 months – a record achievement. That’s 50,000 traders who don’t buy the whole “binary international scam” routine promoted far and wide by many competitor brokers and their shady affiliate marketer friends.

And to top it off, Binary International’s unlimited $100,000 Practice Account and free Binary Options Trading Indicators for MetaTrader 4 practically ensured that no binary options trader would ever look elsewhere again. Here are 500+ independently certified reviews of Binary International as evidence to the above.


Binary International – Broker Details


Live Account Registration: Click Here

Real, Verified Reviews: Yes (click here)

Minimum Deposit: 100 USD / GBP / EUR

Minimum Trade Size: 1 USD / GBP / EUR

Demo/Practice Account: Yes (unlimited)

Binary Trading Software: Included (Free)

Withdrawals: 3-5 Working Days

Deposit Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Wire Transfer

Withdrawal Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Wire Transfer

Contact Email: Avoid

Telephone: Avoid


Competitor Binary Options brokers create Binary International Scam war online

Competitor Binary Options brokers defaming Binary International for their own gains

Is Binary International Scam a Witch Hunt? Popular Trader Complaints.

Funnily enough, a shady group of competitor brokers were threatened by Binary International’s stunning progress in such record time.

No one at Binary International was therefore surprised to see smear campaign after smear campaign mounted against it, with particular emphasis on SEO keyword usage such as “binary international scam”. And Binary International was ready for it, knowing what they knew about the dark scenes behind the nice websites that existed with so many binary options brokers and their affiliates.

Some of the most insanely negative binary international scam reviews, full of – quite literally – fantasy level fiction, are posted online by account managers in cahoots with affiliates for other binary options brokers.


How do we know this? 

We have it on good authority that one of these account managers at a competitor binary broker applied for a job and came to work for Binary International after completing his agreed non-compete clause in the previous contract.

This account manager confessed to consistently helping his previous employer’s affiliates post fake negative reviews about competitor brands in order to scare their visitor traffic into coming over to his broker instead.

“It was a pretty ruthless environment. We were under immense pressure to deliver FTD’s (first time depositors), and encouraged to go get them by hook or by crook.

My employers invested heavily in partnerships with affiliate marketers who ranked highly in search engines for binary options keywords, and some of these affiliates were “tipped by anonymous individuals” to exploit that SEO ranking for driving traffic to posts ranking for keywords such as “binary international scam”, “broker X scam”, “broker Y scam”, etc. These affiliates routinely posted fake, negative reviews about our competitors as this was one hell of a ‘genius traffic source’.

And my employers didn’t stop them.

I resigned after a few months of working there, had to spend another 12 months working at a local dollar shop because my contract had a non-compete clause that prohibited me from working in the binary options industry for 12 months from resignation.

Now working as an account manager in a super friendly environment at Binary International, I regret every day in my past employment where I saw this great platform trashed online by shady affiliates, without any evidence or reason, using completely fake reviews for their own gain.”


Competition is fierce worldwide these days, but that shouldn’t mean legitimate companies like Binary International should ever be targeted for simply providing a great service to their clients.

No company should ever be publicly defamed using fake reviews and lies for being so good at what they deliver that other competitors need to produce up to this new standard of business in order to remain competitive.

Writing binary international scam reviews is a practice that will soon be coming to an end though. Steps are being taken by this binary options broker to defeat any and all attempts at tarnishing its brand going forward.

Please support this young, vibrant, high quality Binary Options platform by leaving them a review here. Every one of these counts towards a fair, free market!

Binary International Scam EXPOSED as "pure fiction"

Binary International Scam EXPOSED as “crafted” Witch Hunt for competitive defamation by other Binary Options brokers.


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