US Stock Markets Go Green After Yellen Talk And GDP Numbers

US Stock Markets Go Green After Yellen Talk And GDP Numbers US economic events were mostly upbeat on Friday, as the Q1 GDP reading was upgraded from 0.5% to 0.8% as expected while Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen acknowledged that the US economy continues to recover. She also suggested that rate hikes are appropriate in the […]

Asian Markets Smell Fear After G7 Summit And Japanese Trade Balance Numbers

Asian Markets Smell Fear After G7 Summit And Japanese Trade Balance Numbers The G7 Summit took place over the weekend, with leaders reiterating the importance of refraining from competitive devaluation of currencies. Prior to this, rumors swirled that the Bank of Japan was gearing up to end its quantitative easing program as the central set […]

NFP Jobs Report Trading – Shooting Fish In A Barrel, Win After Win

Have you ever wanted to trade the NFP jobs report, or had an idea that the number was going to be higher or lower than the estimates out there?   Let’s face it, most economist are off by over 25% of the number each month, but here we are, just playing it cool and hoping […]

Easy Trading Binary Options Systems? Yes, We Got That!

Do you want a easy trading system for binary options and forex trading?  Let’s take a step back first, did you know you could use the new ITM TechStats  as a binary option trading system, or a forex trading system?  If you are used to binary options trading, you are probably used to seeing currency […]

Yuan Declines after PBOC Lowers Fix, USD Trading Eyed Today

Global Foreign Exchange Market News Update We’ll start off with a quick update on the currency market from Tuesday, the greenback remains on the back foot – the U.S. dollar index, that is the dollar measure against the basket of other major global currencies continue to slide for the 7th consecutive session of losses and […]

Best Forex Trade For Today? Go Quick For A Binary Trade?

Dollar pairs consolidate in Monday trading, Best Forex Trade For Today?  Go Quick For A Binary Trade?   After Friday’s volatile price action, trading among dollar pairs was subdued at the start of this week with traders reducing their exposure to the upcoming FOMC statement. EURUSD popped up to the 1.1275 area before moving sideways, USDJPY […]

How To Save A Bad Forex Or Binary Trade (LIVE TRADING)

If you have a bad forex trade or binary options trade going, how do you save it and try to make it a winner after all?  Today we are looking at how to save a bad trade and signals from ITM Financial, binary trading in general, and how to get started with the right broker […]

The Brexit Vote And GBP/USD Counter Trend Trading In Binary Options and Forex Contracts

Is a Brexit vote coming up and if so, what type of trading would you do on the GBP/USD currency pair if you are in the forex or binary options market?  Today we are counter trend trading the GBPUSD with our new ITM RECON software, our latest indicator and signals package.  Longer binary trades, like […]

How Do You Trade The AUD/USD Correctly?

How do you trade the AUD/USD for binary options trading and even forex trading?  If you are a member of ITM Financial and have your ITM RECON software installed, you can get a great trading run started with RSI and reversal trading.  Today, we put together a technical trade and reversal trading highlight film as we […]

Aggressive Forex and Binary Trading Done Right, Check Out ITM RECON Crush It

Aggressive forex and binary trading can be exciting and heart pumping. Aggressive binary options trading advice is often considered an afterthought to forex traders since they are so used to using MT4 trading technology.  In reality there are similarities between forex MT4 trading and indicators and binary option MT4 trading and indicators.  The biggest difference, […]